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RotD2 Prologue

Title: Return of the Departed
Author: J’dee
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Chapter Rating: M
Pairs: Seph x Zack (light yaoi)

AN: This is a sequel fic to Revival of the Departed. It is based 5/6 years after the end in the last fic. (so this is about 7/8years after the end of DoC)

Revival of the Departed- Original fiction brief:
For those who don't want the long ass read. The basis plot was Hojo intervened in Zack's death, drawing him out of the lifestream before he was fully merged. Hojo wanting to finish his S clone experiments on Zack infused Zack with more enhanced Jenova cells before submerging him for three years in a tank of enhance Jenova cells milked from the body of Jenova. In the end Zack was left forgotten in an abandoned reactor. Only to be stumbled upon a year after the end of Dirge of Cerebus by the Turks doing a reactor sweep. Only Cloud was able to free him through, Zack was still Zack but with two mental house guests, Sephiroth and Jenova. To top it off the experiments gave him a pair of fluffy white wings.
You can read said fic here: http://ff.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600081521
It's about 40 chapters long including a prologue and epilogue... my one and only truly complete fic to date save that it needs to be beta'd... BAD


He sat stupidly looking at the blaze of fire. Lost in his own world. The winters were always cold and filled with snow in Gongaga, but it was home. Zack lent forward in his chair, hair that had once sat just below his shoulder blades, tumbled over his shoulder to his waist, his Mako blue eyes flickering over the fire.
The buster sword sat in the corner of the room untouched since his last mission for Reeve.

Cissnei was out with his son, Angel at his parents place and he lent back in the chair. The fire lit up the darkened room the sound of snow crunching under boots outside brought his attention to someone walking up to his house.
Zack lazily looked over his shoulder as he heard the knock at the door. The fire seemed to roar in response.
Then he heard the rain begin to pelt down. Hopefully the rain would clear up the last of the snow.

The knock came again.

Zack stood up glancing to the buster sword the urge to grab it suddenly forming in his chest, he ignored it.

There were no more enemies to fight.

There was just normalcy a life to live, a son and a small daughter to raise, who he was watching, the baby girl tucked away in her crib sleeping soundly, his son and his wife at his parents place they wouldn't knock. Part of him was apprehensive to his guest the other curious.
Walking to the door he could feel the ends of his long unkempt hair brush against his waist. The single bang brushed against his right cheek.

Zack opened the door.

He paused his eyes flickering to the familiar open jacket, the straps going across a pale and well defined chest.

Looking up Zack found himself staring into pools of the brightest Mako green.
His heart clutched in his chest, he stepped back as the figure stood over him that sardonic smile, he could never forget nor would he ever. The green eyes burned with the light of the fire going behind him.

Zack felt his heart pound and he did the only thing he could think of doing he ran for the buster sword and grabbed it as Sephiroth stepped into his humble abode.

“Zack.” The voice was so smooth, it drove a chill up his spine, the memories of that man inside his head controlling him... Controlling his emotions.
“Sephiroth.” Zack held the sword out in front of himself. “It's over between us you know that right?”
That all to familiar smirk on cruel hard lips. “It's never over...”
Zack blocked the blow of the Masumune. “Why are you here?!”
“To take back what is rightfully mine.” Sephiroth pushed up against the blade.
Zack growled trying to push back against the blade. But there was an unprecedented strength that seemed to overpower him.
“And what per say is that?”
Sephiroth laughed. “Don't be a fool Zack.” The blade shoved against his.
Zack fell back against the couch and he was pinned to it by Sephiroth's weight.
“It's you.”

Zack felt the mouth hot against his neck, the breath on his neck so real, it felt so genuine and he gasped.
“Don't do this... Seph.”
He let out an involuntary shudder, he couldn't do anything but gasp as that mouth seared his neck like a flame, his face blushing.
Zack couldn't move he couldn't breathe.

The blades pressed dangerously between them threatening to slice them both open at any given moment.
Regardless the hand moved between thighs. Zack felt the friction of the hand rubbing up against his length.
Zack could only gasp his hips thrusting into the hand and he could feel the flush on his face as he pushed back against the sword. He shoved Sephiroth off him and he ran, he had to get the man out of his house away from his daughter.

Bolting out the door and into the snow filled area, the rain pelted against his skin. He just ran, glancing back at Sephiroth following.
'Good follow me...' He thought running into the forest.
Zack kept moving and he found the same clearing he used to train in as a child. He stopped looking round, the sword in his hand, he clutched at the hilt of the sword his hand trembling.
“So I see you've stopped running.”
“I wasn't running.” Zack stated not turning round to look at the man.
“Leading me away from the civilians, you don't want another Nibelheim.” Sephiroth stated. “How foolish.” He lifted his hand up and Zack saw the fire in the background.
“No!” Zack spun round charging at Sephiroth. “You bastard!”
“You will become a part of me.”
“No not again! Never!” Zack shouted his blade clanging with Sephiroth's.
The silver haired figure took to the sky and Zack jumped up letting his wings emerge as he shot up after his former idol and friend.

Their blades meet again above the burning village, the metal reverberating through the sky and hit after hit, neither one passed the others guarded threshold.

Zack then felt the leg to his stomach crushing one of his wings. He let out a gasp as Sephiroth held out his hand and the burst of energy shot into his chest.
He felt himself falling.

Zack hit something hard and metal and he groaned letting his wings retract he looked down and frowned a metal bar or several pipes leading from one side of the room to the other.

To fall below would be going into the unknown, an abyss of pitch blackness.

Zack glanced up as Sephiroth landed on the other end of the pipes, It was nothing more than a light tap of his boots. His wing retracting. Those piercing eyes of insanity staring into his very soul.

It wasn't until then that Zack noticed they were on the inside of the busted Mako reactor in his village.

Zack stood up slowing his hand still on Angeal's sword. It felt all to familiar. A repeat of Nibelheim?
“Why?!” Zack shouted.
Sephiroth smirked. “Memory, free will, all that which you possess. I will take from you.”
Zack froze he saw the figure standing behind Sephiroth.


He shook his head. “Illusion?”
Sephiroth laughed as Cloud lept over him drawing his sword.
“If you hadn't been with me from the beginning, I'd still be me!” The blonde shouted at him.
The accusation felt like a blade into his heart.
“CLOUD!” Zack blocked with the buster sword spinning round carefully not to knock Cloud over the edge, or fall himself. “Sephiroth what did you do to him?!”
“He's nothing but an empty shell, a pawn. My own personal puppet. Return to me and I will release him, and he will remember nothing of this.” Sephiroth held out his hand.

Zack let his head drop, his hand loosened on the sword and he set it down.
“You win. Leave Cloud out of this.” His voice soft as he looked to his friend, then he glared at Sephiroth. “Hasn't he been through enough already?!” Zack shouted.
That smirk again, it was like ice. “A wise choice.” Sephiroth stated.
Zack looked down into the abyss below them. “I followed you blindly, I believed in you! Then when you went mad... I- I averted my eyes like a child waking from a nightmare. I should have- saved you then and there released you from your own pain! Your own personal nightmare.”

Sephiroth walked up to him and Zack felt the gloved hand tilt his chin up the smirk that haunted his dreams, the mouth that had tormented him, moved lower and Zack felt his knees buckle as it covered his, lips moving against his.

Zack felt his hands shaking as they moved round Sephiroth's waist.

“To the promised land... together.”

Zack felt Sephiroth pull him close and then over the edge.

~*~To Be Continued~*~