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Title: Return of the Departed
Author: J’dee
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Chapter Rating: G
Pairs: None

AN: Sorry for the kinda filler chapter, and yes Rufus vacates during this chapter I think I'm finally over the Rufus kick ;p

Chapter Seven

Sephiroth had only got up to walk away from the table to move away from Zack and Genesis' arguing. Zack was trying Sephiroth gave the younger man that much, but Genesis over time had become bitter, resenting that Zack had been spared death not once or twice but three times yet Angeal, Angeal remained dead. Obviously not hearing Angeal from the lifestream was causing the red head some distress, enough to take it out on Zack. Zack was on the defensive, this alien had targeted him, his family his friends so he wasn't putting up with Genesis' tormenting. That left him in the middle between the two. So he decided to currently let them have their rants and get their frustrations off their chests.

Walking away from the two Sephiroth was bemused that this being had indeed chosen Zack, when all the information that he could have learned by now would have told the alien that Jenova was essentially inside his head first, not Zack.

Reno was lying on the couch Rude sitting in front of the red head's legs, Tseng stood in front of the window looking outside obviously watching Rufus. Elena was by the door leading to where Angel and Cloud were under the watchful eye of the fangirl doctor.
The dark skinned Turk and Vincent had vanished.

Sephiroth frowned the human nature of curiosity had never been a weakness in his old body, but this body needed to know everyone was accounted for and that there were no surprises. He walked past Elena the brown eyes just glaring as he strode pass her. Sure enough the dark skinned Turk was in a lab. The former Vampire leaning up against the wall. Red eyes just looked at him, but no words were said.
The Turk was looking down a microscope.

“Anything?” Sephiroth asked.
“It seems what he did to Cloud, he did to Angel. The kid isn't a fighter. So we have to find something and fast. Someway of beating it.” The Turk sighed. “I'm a scientist sure, but this is above anything I've ever done and I've done some strange stuff.”
Sephiroth noticed Vincent pull out his phone and flip it open. “I'll be back.”
Vincent dialed a number walking out of the lab and shutting the door. Sephiroth looked onward, for a moment before looking to the Turk.
“Did you need a hand with anything?”


Reno held up a small pieces of paper his mouth round a couple of fortune cookies. Swallowing his mouthful he glared at the piece of paper.
“What the fuck is 'keep your face to the sunshine and you will never see shadows'? supposed to mean?”
Reno heard Tseng let out a breath from where he stood.
“Hey Tseng you know these things. Translate yo.”
“Not now Reno.” Tseng stated.
Reno sat up and lent on Rude looking at Tseng. “Is he still going all skitzo out there?”
“Fraid so.” Tseng replied.
“I wish he would tell us what's wrong.” Elena sighed.

Zack was sitting at the table and he let out a breath Genesis had left to make more tea leaving Zack to fume over the last word Genesis got in.
He glanced to the Turks realizing then and there Sephiroth had vacated.
“Something up with Rufus?” He stood up walking up to the door and looking out. Zack had expected to see Rufus just moping but it looked like he was in a full scale discussion with... no-one.
“Creepy.” Zack remarked. He saw Tseng glare at him.
Zack held up his hands. “Hey maybe that alien dude got to him like he did me.”
Tseng raised a brow. “Got to him?”
“The guys inside my head.” Zack tapped the side of his head. “I can hear him, it's not like when Seph and Jenova were using my body, but different.”
Tseng let out a breath. “You want to talk to him don't you?”
Zack nodded. “Yeah I can't explain it. I feel like I have to talk to him. It's weird.”
“We all know you have a weakness for blondes.”
Zack's eyes went flat as she shot Genesis a look. The red head in the doorway with his cup of tea.
“Go.” Tseng stated. “I don't want to listen to you two argue any longer.”
Zack slipped past Tseng to the door and outside quickly before Genesis could get another shot in.


Rufus let out a breath as he heard the door open, he glanced at Aerith as she stood there she was looking onward and he knew who it was by her saddened expression.
“Zack.” Rufus stated. He heard the footsteps stop. “To what do I owe this honor?”
“Uh...” Zack sounded confused. “How did you know it was me?”
Aerith nodded her head Rufus. “You can tell him. He would not think less of you.
“A little bird told me. In a pink dress.” Rufus glanced over his shoulder to see Zack's expression.
His mouth moved slowly. “Y-You see them?”
“You missed Angeal giving me a lecture. I think he went to see how Sephiroth was holding up.”
Zack walked up to Rufus and sat next to him. “I heard about Clover...”
“His parting gift to me.” Rufus stated.
Zack nodded his head slowly. “They're worried about you in there.”
Rufus sighed. “I figured they would be. You know I can't say anything... not yet.”
“Your secret is safe with me sir.” He looked down. “I want to thank you for your support though, for helping take care of myself and Cissnei and our kids... You didn't have to ya know.”
“I did Zack, ShinRa owed you, for what you had to endure.”
Zack chucked. “Cloud didn't accept any pay outs did he?”
Rufus shook his head. “No. He managed on his own and turned us down each time.”
Zack smiled. “He makes me look bad half the time. I would have too if Cissnei hadn't said it was okay.” He looked down. “So has Aerith said if Cissnei's okay? I know her soul is damaged but they didn't say how bad it was.”

Rufus looked to Aerith and she looked down before taking a step up to Zack.
She'll be okay in time if we do this right, but right now she's in recovery.
Rufus let out a breath. “And if we do this wrong?” He looked to Aerith.
You won't.” She smiled. “You know you can help Cloud. If he was awake they could-
Rufus saw Zack looking at him. “Hold that thought.” He remarked to Aerith. “Your wife is still recovering.”
Zack nodded. “You can continue your conversation, I don't mind. I've never seen what it looks like from the outside, this is a first for me.”
Rufus sighed and he nodded at Aerith. “You were saying.”
The ability Clover gave you, it's not like mine, but he knew how to wake Cloud up, that, our voices the voice of planet he gave it all to you.

Zack sat there silent and he watched Rufus having a conversation with Aerith, even though he couldn't hear her or see her, part of him felt comforted just to feel her there.
“You know I'm not used to taking orders from anyone.” Rufus stated.
Zack glanced to where Rufus was looking. To know she was standing right there, so close. Yet he could do nothing because he couldn't see her or hear her.
“I will try, I understand Cloud is needed.”
Zack blinked. “She said you can wake Cloud didn't she?”
Rufus nodded. “I believe it's time to wake Cloud and your son up.”
“What about the infections or whatever those things are?” Zack asked.
“I'll need somewhere to dispense them so get your doctor friend.”
“Uuuuh she's not my friend. She's more the epitome of Seph's rabbid fangirls.” Zack pointed out.


Sephiroth lent in the doorway, he watched Rufus sitting over Cloud.
“Perhaps you should not be there when he wakes up.” Vincent stated.
Sephiroth raised a brow at Vincent but didn't move from the spot. “He needs to know sooner or later.”
“Well you have kinda traumatized him in the past Seph.” Zack pointed out.
“He'll get over it.” Genesis stated.
“Seph tried to kill him.” Zack exclaimed.
El stepped between the two fractions just in time as Sephiroth spoke.
“I don't like puppets with no mind of their own.”
Zack's eyes went flat. “With what Hojo did to him no both of us Seph, doesn't that make me a puppet too?”
Genesis nodded. “A failed puppet, but a puppet none-the-less.”
Zack glared at Genesis. “I wasn't asking you.”
Sephiroth sighed. Before his insanity he had been fond of Angeal's student, the hyper active puppy, he knew Zack personally before he became a puppet. Cloud he had only met once or twice, he had never paid the grunts no mind.
“Do you mind?” Rufus growled. “You want me to wake him up then you all need to shut up.”
“How are you going to do this when Clover didn't tell you how?” Ezekiel asked.
Rufus sighed. “Do you really need to know?”
Ezekiel blinked looking to the bloodied hand prints on the sleeves. He shook his head glancing back at Tseng then turning back to Rufus.
Sephiroth looked at Zack who glanced at him from where he sat on the other side of Cloud. Zack looked to his friend.

Rufus waited til the room was silent and he stood up over Cloud and laid a hand on Cloud's bare arm. He closed his eyes and he could feel the sensation of movement gathering towards his hand.
“Doctor Kinshaw. Draw them out from here.” Rufus stated.
The woman rushed to his side and she quickly found one of Cloud's veins and set the needle up before injecting the blonde's arm and drawing the plunger out, drawing the blood out hooking the tube into place she stepped back looking at the purple colored blood.
“Oh gross.” Reno remarked from behind Tseng. “Why is it purple yo?!”
“RENO!” Tseng turned round pushing the red head away and leading him away from the open door.
“Those not needed should vacate the area.” Vincent stated and walked past Sephiroth and Genesis shooting them both a look, but both seemed to ignore him. Ezekiel took his leave though.

Rufus let out a breath, it left the unconscious Cloud and Angel on the two beds, himself, the doctor and the three former 1st class SOLDIER's.
Rufus let his eyes close, he didn't understand these new thoughts that popped into his head, but it was those thoughts that appeared there that guided him in what he was doing.
“Zack we will need some of your blood to replace what Cloud is going to loose.” The doctor spoke.
“Uh yeah sure. Anything you need.”
“Anything I need?” The doctor grinned at him.
“To help Cloud.” Zack sighed.
Rufus pushed the conversation away. He was searching for his mental link to the planet or the lifestream, he was trying to locate it, his hand moved to Cloud's chest, his eyes still closed and he tried to locate the mental link to help guide him through the next stage.

Zack felt the needle jab his arm and he watched the female doctor setting up to transfer the blood to Cloud, she moved round Rufus almost like the president wasn't even there.
“Wouldn't my blood taint Cloud's with whatever it was that he put in me?” Zack asked.
“Maybe, but I doubt he would let his cells transfer, being that you're the one he wants to torment. Not this one.” She tapped Cloud on the cheek.
Zack looked to Cloud watching as Rufus mouth moved and Zack raised a brow seeing the flow of green beginning to form around him. He looked to Sephiroth who seemed to watch with intrigue.

Rufus had only managed to find the link to the planet just, he couldn't explain it, but Clover's voice had lead him to the mental link of the planet. His own mental ties to the planet weak. He couldn't seem to hold the link long enough, his mind was definitely untrained for this.
He recalled Clover saying he was hiding in the depth of the lifestream. Now he understood why. His link to the planet was Clover, Clover had given him his ability and then re-linked himself to his abilities that Rufus now held.
Letting out a breath Rufus could feel the heat forming in his hands as they moved over Cloud's body.
He became aware of the quick intake of breath and eyes opened, Rufus pulled his hands back.
Cloud's eyes were open and staring at him in shock.
“R-Rufus?” His voice came out hoarse. “Zack?”
“Yeah we're here buddy. Rufus that was pretty mental, think you can teach me how to do that?” Zack asked.
Rufus glanced at Zack. “There is no way I could teach anyone to do that.”
“I'll teach you my version of healing wave.” The teasing that came out in Zack's voice made Rufus want to shoot him. But he refrained such actions in front of Cloud.

Cloud tried to move but found every inch of his body hurt.
“Okay my turn.” Zack grinned at Rufus clapping his hands together.
Cloud raised a brow then he felt the cooling sensation swirl round his body, he was aware Zack was able to adapt to others abilities. But he had no idea Zack still used some of them to this day.
“How do you feel Cloud?”
Cloud froze at the familiar smooth voice and he glanced to the other side of the room. Looking at him with absolute contempt was Sephiroth. Genesis standing next to him.
Cloud looked round the room quick he had to protect them from Sephiroth.
“Easy.” Zack's hands went to his shoulders. “He's not going to hurt you...” Mako blue eyes looked at Sephiroth. “Are you Seph?”
“Hmph, I'm beyond wasting my time on puppets.” Sephiroth looked to Zack. “Well some puppets.” Cloud watched Sephiroth turn round and walk out. He looked at Zack and Rufus. The ShinRa exec didn't look too pleased with Sephiroth being around as Cloud did.
“Zack... whose body is he possessing?”
“Quinn. Turns out he listened to my request. The issue isn't Seph anymore though Cloud.” Zack looked at him seriously. “He's the Seph we used to know. A bit more remorseful, but still Seph. The issue is that Hloskova guy.”
Cloud watched Rufus walk up to Angel then place his hands over the body and he saw the glow of green round Rufus making his eyes widen.
“Z-Zack.” He began.
“Seems his Cetra employee thought it would be best if Rufus was our connection to the planet. Nuts huh?” Zack chuckled quietly.
“Poetic Justice is more like it.” Cloud stated in a whisper watching Rufus as he 'healed' Angel.
Rufus cleared his throat before looking at the two of them. “I can still hear you two.”


Sephiroth sat at the table with Genesis as Cloud and Zack finally emerged from the room.
“We're done here.” Rufus stated following them then nodded at Tseng.
“So we're leaving yo?”
“Best not to crowd the good doctor.” Rufus looked at Zack. “I'll be in contact.”
Zack nodded at Rufus. “No prob. Thanks again Rufus.”
Sephiroth watched as the Turks walked to the door and Rufus stopped at the table looking at him.
“His spirit may trust you, but I will not.”
Sephiroth raised a brow as Rufus walked out. “That is interesting.”
Genesis sighed. “Great. I don't want to deal with ShinRa.”
Zack chuckled. “Get used to it you two, they're not so bad now.”
Sephiroth looked to Zack. “He mentioned his spirit am I to assume this means we have our connection to the planet that we need?”
Zack sat at the table. “Yeah.” He turned round in the seat. “Cloud you should sit down.”
“You want me to sit with you?” Cloud asked.
“Well Aerith told me I couldn't do this without you. We gotta work together.” Zack stated.
Sephiroth watched as Cloud eyed him wearily before walking up to the table and sitting down. Sephiroth sipped at his tea while Genesis seemed to smirk in amusement.

Cloud moved to the table sitting down next to Zack on the other side of the table from Sephiroth his eyes narrowed at the silver haired man.
Never did he ever think he would sit at a table with the man, if he was his old youthful cadet self then this would have been a dream come true.
Those days were long gone.
“Well don't all talk at once.” Genesis rolled his eyes. “This couldn't get anymore awkward.”
Zack's eyes went flat.
Cloud watched as Sephiroth slid several files across the table towards him. Sephiroth ignoring Genesis's comment.
“Genesis has been following your friend. It's best you're updated on this. The moment he realizes you are alive I'm sure he'll come back to finish the job.”
“I'm sure you'd love that.” Cloud drawled the sarcasm obvious.


Zack sat in the room where Angel was still sleeping, he had stirred once and opened his eyes and acknowledged Zack with a horse 'dad' before he had fallen asleep again. Rufus has said Angel's body wasn't like Cloud or his. It would take him a bit longer to fully return to consciousness. But he would survive. The planet, Aerith told Rufus that much to pass on.

Zack looked up to see Cloud on the phone.
“I swear I'm okay Tifa.” Cloud looked to Zack. “Yeah we're just waiting on Angel to wake up then I promise I'll come back home.”
Zack watch Cloud as the blonde left the room his voice going soft as he spoke to Tifa. Cloud shot Sephiroth a glare as he passed him.

Zack let out a breath it was going to take Cloud some getting used to that Sephiroth wasn't going to be impaling him again anytime to soon. Least Zack hoped not.
“Hey Seph.” Zack nodded at Sephiroth before brushing the hair from his son's face.
“Vincent and Ezekiel are leaving soon. I believe they need to get back to the WRO. We can not stay here. The longer we do the more Dr. Kinshaw becomes a target.”
Zack nodded. “Yeah I know, I just don't know anywhere that will be safe from him. He'll come back for Angel again, this time to kill him, I can feel it.”

Sephiroth looked to Zack, his head falling into his hands. The man was at a loss a complete loss, he was hurting and Sephiroth could feel it.
“He's still in my head I can't control what he takes from there anymore. I don't like it Seph. He knows things, things that could hurt you, that could hurt Cloud. Hell even Genesis, not that I really care what happens to him right now, he's just being a real jerk.”
Sephiroth chuckled. “He'll adjust, Genesis is not used used to having to work with others, but he will have to get over that.”
“He worked fine with Angeal.” Zack huffed.
Sephiroth looked at Zack. “That's because it's Angeal.”

Zack felt Sephiroth's hand on his shoulder and he saw the look, a look that told Zack everything without saying nothing and his brow quirked up.
“Wait... no?” Zack asked. Sephiroth just nodded his head. “Really?” He asked. Sephiroth gave him another nod and Zack was sure he felt the blush on his face.
“So Angeal and Genesis? How come I never saw?”
Sephiroth gave him a flat eyed look. “What happened between them stayed between them.”
“Then why? Why did Angeal make me kill him?! Why didn't he just get-?”
Sephiroth's hand covered Zack's mouth. “Genesis was already insane, if Angeal asked him to kill him, Genesis wouldn't to prove a point.”
Zack pulled Sephiroth's hand from his mouth. “How come I'm only finding out about this now?” He hissed.
“I believe it would have hurt you too much then.”
“It hurts me now Seph. Geeze.” Zack ran a hand through his hair. “Damnit Angeal.”

Sephiroth looked up seeing Cloud standing in the door way glaring at him. “Vincent is leaving.”
Sephiroth raised a brow as Zack nodded. “Okay. Well when Angel's awake we'll take him to the WRO and then I'll go get Freedom and you can take Tifa and the kids there too.”
“Zack it's too many people under one roof, you'll give him an easy target.” Cloud stated.
Zack shook his head. “I'm not saying for us to stay there. Just Reeve might have somewhere for us to go. Then somewhere where the kids and Tifa can be safe.”
Sephiroth watched as Cloud walked into the room. He raised a brow as Cloud walked right up to Zack.
“Shelke is going to net dive for us, see what she can find out. Vincent will call us when she gets the results then we'll move from here.” Cloud stated.
Sephiroth saw those blue eyes glare at him.
“Okay I guess we can wait for a bit. It would be unwise to move Angel before he wakes up.” Zack mused.
Cloud nodded.
Sephiroth could only stay silent watching the blonde, mentally noting how close to Zack he stood. Zack seemingly oblivious to the protective nature of Cloud.
Sephiroth was amused none the less by Cloud, the blonde wanted to get a point across to him personally.
Cloud couldn't have made it more clearer than if he grabbed Zack and laid claim to him right then and there.
“Well we should all get some sleep then.” Zack noted.
“You included Zack.”
“I'll sleep in here with Angel.” Zack replied.
Sephiroth watched as Cloud turned and left.

Zack moved back to his seat and sat down, he looked to Sephiroth. “Are you two going to continue being all grrr at each other through this entire thing?”
“If he continues to treat you like his personal property, then maybe I have a right to be.” Sephiroth stated before walking to the door.
“Wait what?” Zack asked.
Sephiroth stood in the doorway. “You've recently slept with him, that much is obvious by his protective nature.”
Zack felt his cheeks heat up. “I... well... it...” He ran a hand through his hair. “It kinda just happened okay, I wasn't expecting a jar of dirt to control my libido okay?” He hissed.
“Good night Zack.” Sephiroth shut the door after he left.
Zack let out a breath and he looked to Angel. “Well kiddo I hope you don't get my bad luck with maintaining relationships.”


Cloud lay on the couch, trying to sleep, he was aware of Genesis sitting on the window ledge in the moon light he could see the pink book in Genesis' hands the red head reading with the aid of the moonlight.
Cloud was just glad he was reading that book silently. He hadn't heard a single loveless quote from Genesis but he suspected Sephiroth had made some kind of threat or comment about if Genesis even uttered a quote he'd probably loose a limb. Cloud felt the same way and he was sure Zack was in the same boat. It was probably one of the few things the three of them would ever agree to that and 2nd Calamity having to be taken down being the other.

Cloud rolled over and he saw Genesis pause in reading to look out the window at the moon. The red head seemed to be aware of him watching.
“Your inability to sleep my friend, I would gather it is to do with your thoughts on Zack.”
“It's really none of your business.” Cloud stated.
Genesis seemed to smirk in triumph as if he'd stabbed Cloud and had him right where he wanted him.
“You both want him, but he is still grieving to act or not to act before he is consumed by guilt.”
“I wouldn't do that to him.” Cloud stated. “Not now.”
Genesis chuckled. “Yet Sephiroth my good friend has already started.” The red head turned to look at him. “Which I'm sure you are aware of.”
“Sephiroth just needs to keep his distance.”
Genesis smirked. “I think I preferred you when you were idol worshiping, this angst is truly something of another planet.”
Cloud just huffed. “Whatever.”


Zack was stirred from his sleep when he felt something crawl under his covers. He opened on eye in time to see the small body of his son vanish under the blanket. Zack felt the arms go round his waist.
He lifted the covers up to look down at Angel.
“You okay kiddo?”
The amber eyes looked up at him and nodded. “I just... feel safer here. That's okay right?”
“It's perfectly fine. Normal even. I did the same thing to my parents when I was your age.”
Angel smiled at him. “I could feel mommy while I was sleeping. She's tired. Really tired.”
Zack pulled Angel into his arms. “I know she is. She'll get to rest soon I promise. When the bad man is gone, she'll be able to get the rest she needs.”
“You'll get him right dad?”
“With some help I will.”
Angel smiled. “Denzel said he was like wicked strong and stuff.”
Zack laughed. “He is kiddo.”
Angel curled into him. “He likes you a lot too.”
Zack could feel his face flush for a moment and he looked down at Angel. “Uh yeah. I like him too kiddo.”
“I know. Mommy said you did.”
Zack inwardly groaned. “When did she say this?”
“When I was sleeping before. She said she knew, she understands.” Angel looked up at him.
Zack pulled a pillow down for Angel to rest his head on. The five year old taking the hint let his head roll into the pillow.
“I didn't want to hurt her.” Zack whispered, he let his eyes closed.
“She wants you to beat him dad, then be happy. She doesn't want you sad like Cloud is. It doesn't suit you.” Angel let his eyes close.
Zack looked to the door and he saw Genesis standing in the doorway. He watched the red head before Genesis walked off.
Zack wondered why Genesis was there unless Cloud had kicked him out of the lounge.


Sephiroth sat at the kitchen table, everyone minus Zack's son and Dr Kinsahw looked like they hadn't had much sleep. Sephiroth was sure Zack was going to face plant his cereal, Cloud didn't seem to have slept at all which put an even bigger frown on the blonde's face. Genesis was just intolerable when he couldn't find the right tea to have.
“Wow is that your real hair?!” The kid seemed to exclaim.
Sephiroth looked at the boy, he didn't seem the least bit intimidated.
The boy frowned. “Why are you grey? Are you old?”
Zack's hand went over Angel's mouth quickly. “No don't say that.” He hissed.
Sephiroth's brow quirked up. “Well any questions of the kids genealogy just went out the window.” He stated. “He has your mouth.”
Sephiroth saw Genesis snerk at the comment and he shot the red head a look.

Zack sighed. “Sorry Seph. Look thanks again for saving him and everything.”
Angel pulled Zack's hand down. “He has longer hair than you dad? Did mommy make him grow it out too?”
Zack sighed. “No she didn't. That was Seph's choice.”
“So Cissnei made you grow your hair?” Cloud looked at Zack. “You never told me that.”
“She didn't make me. I just kinda got lazy and she kinda grew attached to it.” Zack replied.
“Can I grow my hair long too?”
“How about you eat your breakfast and we'll talk about it when you're older.” Zack stated.
“Can my breakfast be cake?” Angel asked.
Zack shook his head. “Not this morning kiddo I don't think I'd like to leave you under Reeve's care when you're in that state. It's just cruel inhumane punishment that Reeve doesn't deserve. Not yet anyway.”
The five year old seemed to pout. “Awwww. Tomorrow then?”

Cloud raised a brow. “Who gives a five year old cake for breakfast?”
“My parents did. Cake and fruit loops then they lovingly gave him back to me and Cissnei.”
Genesis smirked. “I think I like your parents idea of torture.”
Zack sighed. “You would.”
Cloud raised a brow. “Zack what did you do to your parents growing up?”
Zack rubbed behind his head. “Alot of things...”
“A lot of hyper active things. I'm guessing.” Cloud frowned.
Cloud remembered how hyper active Zack used to be in ShinRa, if Angel's hyperactivity was any indication of what Zack used to be like as a kid, he actually felt sorry for Zack's parents, and understood why they did what they did.
Sephiroth scoffed. “Even Angeal had trouble winding you in half the time.”
“It's a good taste of Karma if I may say so.” Genesis stated.
Zack looked at them. “What is this? Pick on me day.”
“I believe so.” Cloud stated. “But we should really head to the WRO soon.”
“Right.” Zack looked at him. “You okay to travel kiddo?”
“Can you fly me there?” Angel's arms flailed.
Cloud saw Zack's eyes go flat. “I was thinking about a helicopter.”
“Why?” Genesis stated. “Only blondie over there can't fly but I'm sure he can get a lift.” He grinned at Sephiroth.
“Not happening. I'm not letting anyone of you assholes fly me to WRO.” Cloud stated and glared at Zack. “You especially after last time.”

Zack laughed. “Hey c'mon it wasn't that bad Cloud, it was actually kinda funny.”
“For you. I'll call up Cid and I can take Angel and meet you there.” Cloud got up flipping out his phone and walking into the hallway.
“But I wanna fly with them.” Angel protested.
Zack shook his head. “Maybe when the world isn't in danger I'll fly you somewhere kiddo, but for now it's probably best you go with Cloud. It would be safer.”
“He's right.” Sephiroth stated.
“Awwww.” Angel sighed. “Okay. Next time though when the bad guy is gone.”
“Promise.” Zack smiled at Angel ruffling his hand through his son's hair.

~*~To Be Continued...~*~

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