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Title: Return of the Departed
Author: J’dee
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Chapter Rating: M
Pairs: None

The OC's that feature are merely for plot purposes nothing further. Ellie, Ezekiel, Hloskova are all © of Purgatorium, Clover and Walker are my creations (but I try to limit their interactions to the bare minimum).
Just note: Italics are for the dead addressing the living that can see and hear them, but when the POV is them talking amongst each other it won't be there...

Chapter Three

Reno stood in the doorway of the room, he was just looking at Zack, the former SOLDIER's back facing the door. Half curled up in the spot where Cissnei earlier that day had lain.
The red head's fist clenched at his side, this... thing took one of their own. It took a friend of his. He was not going to let that go lightly. He didn't blame Zack for her death he knew if he could have, he would have saved her, he had that power, the strength. But one minute to late, that's all it was.
“Zack we're all downstairs yo. Reeve's even here.” Reno spoke.
He saw the head nod. “Fill me in later Reno.” Zack stated.

Reno nodded. “Will do.” He let out a breath and walked down the hall descending the stairs.
He stopped seeing the flashing lights and media buzzing round outside. Rude was by the door preventing anyone from entering the bar.
The alien had attracted the media. The arrival of Rufus and Reeve had made everyone three times more curious than they needed to be.
Reno looked to where Rufus and Tseng sat in a booth with Reeve. He moved across the bar and crouched down. Elena sitting on the ground leaning against the base of the bar just staring at a dried up pool of blood.
“Hey... she wouldn't want you cryin' over her too long you know that right?” He set a hand on her shoulder.
Elena looked up at him and he caught her as she flung herself in his arms. He felt the petite blond's body rack with sobs. Reno glanced to Tseng and he saw Tseng look to her for the moment. Reno knew tonight was going to be a night where Elena would probably be staying with Tseng or the other way round.
Grief did weird things to people.
It had been a good two years since Elena and Tseng had separated on the guise that work and relations were probably not the best.
Reno saw Cloud walk up to the table he seemed to set the drinks down for Rufus, Reeve, and Tseng automatically. He was in autopilot mode. Reno wondered how close Cloud had actually gotten to Cissnei since she left the Turks and got hitched with Zack. That or the blonde didn't care and it was Zack he was grieving for.
Rubbing Elena's back Reno sat with her on the ground. He just watched the five year old boy bouncing on one of the seats in the booth behind the corporate trio.

The three men in suits ignored the media at the window snapping photos and making reports. The police moved them back from the window before any lip readers could interpret the conversation.
“The media won't leave this place alone.” Reeve spoke. “We have to report something to tide them over.” His fingers tapped the side of the cup softly.
“Someone's grief is anothers entertainment. Seems to be a theme with them.” Rufus stated before taking a sip of the coffee.
“Reeve.” Tseng looked at him. “You would be the better choice. It would be unwise to bring to their attention that she was an ex-ShinRa employee.
Reeve nodded. “I understand. I just don't know... what to say.”
“Zack is under a contract with you, is he not?” Vincent questioned from the corner staying away from any spots where the media could get any photos of him.
“Tell them...” Zack's voice drifted down the stairs. “Everyone needs to stay away from me. Anyone who means anything to me, they have to stay away.”

Cloud looked to Zack staring at the skintight black top, the black pants one shoulder plate strapped to his left shoulder there was an elbow band strapped round his right elbow and belts criss crossed at his waist, the buster sword strapped to his back.
He felt the hand touch him on the shoulder. Cloud looked to the black leather fingerless gloves, his gaze moving to Zack's face.
“Please watch over my kids for me.”
Cloud spun round. “Zack... where are-?”
“I'm going to find him Cloud. I'm going to kill him.”
Reeve stood up. “Zack... I must urge you not to go off in your current state.”
Zack looked at Reeve. “I'll always be SOLDIER... I can't deny that. The only thing I could do to quell my grief after Angeal was throw myself into mission after mission.” He looked to Rufus. “Say what you will to the media. I don't care. Just keep my kids out of the spotlight.” He walked to the door.
Cloud looked to Tifa and he saw her nod in understanding.
“We'll be here Zack, for when your ready to come home.”
Cloud watched as Zack looked over his shoulder. “Stay alive while I'm gone.” he walked out the door.
“Daaad!” Cloud watched Rude catch Angel before he ran out the door. “Dad!”
Zack smiled at him. “Be good for Cloud and Tifa okay I'll be back soon.”
“Dad...” Angel stretched for him.

Zack saw the flashing of lights, the media buzzing around him, he could feel where he needed to go.
'Northern Crater. He's there I don't know how I know, but I know.' Zack thought and he looked up to the sky letting the wings shoot from his back he lept skyward flying away from the stunned onlookers.

Angel knelt in the booth and he looked up seeing the feathers float to the ground.
“That was cool.” He pointed. “Did you see?”
Tifa smiled walking up to him. “We saw, it was neat huh?”
“Yeah I want them too one day!” He exclaimed. “Mommy was right they are angel's wings.”
Tifa placed a hand on his shoulder. “They are aren't they? But shouldn't you be in bed mister.”
“I couldn't sleep, I kept feeling her all around me and hugging me. Mommy she's really sad.” Angel slipped from the seat as Tifa took his hand.
“What's she sad about?”
“That she had to leave.”
Tifa nodded. “I imagine she wants to make sure your okay before she starts her new life.”

Reeve watched Tifa lead the boy up the stairs. “He's after that child.” He looked to Cloud. “He will probably return for him. I have a place we can keep him safe.”
Cloud let out a breath. “We'll think on it.”
“Don't think to long yo.” Reno stated. “He killed Zack's parent's yesterday and came after Cissnei today, tomorrow... you could be dead.” The red head stated from where he sat next to Elena, his arm still around her. The female Turk's head resting on his shoulder, brown eyes not really focusing on anything.
“Reno has a point Cloud.” Tseng stated.
“Tomorrow. We'll move them tomorrow.” Cloud sighed.
Reeve stood up. “I'll send a car. For now let me try to ease the media outside your door.”
“I can take Angel there, the less chance of innocent people getting hurt. Just in case.” Cloud stated.


Sephiroth sat in the room the television was going in the background. Ellie the woman's name was, was letting him stay in her home. So for the first night in the longest time he'd slept in a bed, used her shower.
It only unnerved him slightly to see she used his old brand of shampoo and that she had a replica masumune on the wall, along with the blown up photo of himself and Zack from before he went mad.
The binder on the table had clip outs, research probing into his sudden 'demise' at Nibelheim. Sephiroth had forgotten that normal people had always been kept in the dark. He saw she had researched into the likes of Zack's first fake 'death' at the hands of ShinRa also at Nibelheim. He wondered how much this woman had figured out about the events in Nibelheim.
Sephiroth closed the folder.

El as she preferred to be called had said she needed to check his bloods since this body was not his original it was a host body. There were a million things that could go wrong and she didn't want a single one of them to happen. He did not complain only complied with the woman. She was obsessive over him, but the attraction was only one sided- her side.
Sephiroth let out a breath leaning into the back of the couch, this woman's decor even matched his own from his days back in ShinRa. It made him feel comfortable, but he didn't feel safe, fangirls could be very obsessive.
Sephiroth had not felt safe in a long time, but he felt safer than he had in the past. His eyes drifted closed, the television going softly in the background.

“An then he just sprouted wings an flew off inta the sky!” The voice made Sephiroth's eyes open.
He looked to the screen at the hysterical woman.
Sephiroth watched the footage played and he saw Zack stepping out from Seventh heaven. He looked different. The tell tale scar, his solitary bang gone replaced with several loose ones that hung round his face, like the man didn't care to style it anymore. The back of his hair pulled into a long pony tail that stopped at his waist. Angeal's sword, the single shoulder plate.
The wings sprouted out before Zack jumped and was gone.

Sephiroth stood up he walked up to the screen. He saw the news report cut to Reeve onscreen the director of WRO looked nervous as reporters were quizzing him.
Questions flew at the leader of the WRO.
“That man what was he?”
“Is he even human?”
“Was he responsible for the Gongaga slaughter?”

Reeve held his hand up. “He is an old friend. I assure you he is human. He's-” The director of WRO was stopped mid sentence as Rufus stepped up covering the mic.
“Reeve I will take care of this.”
“Sir!” Tseng seemed to protest behind.
Rufus looked out. “I take full responsibility for the tests my father's company ran on that man. We have been making sure he could live his life as comfortably as possible. But he insists that you keep your distance if you see him. Do not approach him, do not try to initiate any form of contact. He is not dangerous but what he's about to do and where he's heading is.” Rufus stepped away from the podium and was flanked by Reno, Rude, and Tseng before he was ushered into the limo, before the reporters could even question Rufus anymore.

Reeve cleared his throat as the bombardment of questions hit him, the director of the WRO ignored all questions. Lights flashing about him for the newspaper articles for the morning.
“That man is one of the WRO's best operatives. He is on a mission for us. So please do stay clear.” Reeve stated.
“Is it true he's ex-SOLDIER?”
“We heard he worked along side Sephiroth!”
“What is ShinRa really hiding from the public?!”

Sephiroth heard the door open and he looked to El as she stepped out of her room.
The purple eyed woman looked at him.
“I just saw. Your friend...”
Sephiroth nodded. “He's not my friend. Not anymore.”
He raised a brow as she stalked up to him and the angry red head jabbed him in the chest.
“I know that look on his face. I've seen it before. He's lost someone dear to him. As a friend you should help.”
Sephiroth quirked a silver brow. “Your tests?”
“It takes longer than this to wait for the results. Just go.” She pointed to the door.
Sephiroth let out a breath. “It's not that easy. I did things to him. Unforgivable things.”
El looked at him. “Unforgivable things?”
Sephiroth looked at her. He moved to the couch and sat down.
El moved to sit on the seat near him. But gave him his space. “What sort of unforgivable things?” She asked.
Sephiroth tapped her folder on the table in front of them, fingers drummed with irritation at the questioning.
“Things that caused me to hurt the one who called me friend and forever fought to return my sanity to me.”
“You're avoiding the question.” El raised a brow.
Sephiroth gave her a look. “It's best you do not know what I put that man through. Things that a man shouldn't do to another man.”
She blinked and shook her head. “You didn't-?” She then got this weird look in her eyes. “That's so hot!”
Sephiroth's glanced at the woman.
“I mean bad... that's really bad.” She nodded her head her cheeks heating up.
Sephiroth raised a silver brow. 'So she's one of THOSE fangirls. No wonder she hasn't made a move.' He let out a breath. At least now he knew there would be no bedroom advances from this woman.
She was the only one who could remove this chip from his brain. So he had no choice.
“The chip...”
“It seems to suppress your influential part of the brain that prevents others from controlling your thought and actions.” El remarked.
Sephiroth stopped. “Controlling my thoughts.” He understood now. If that chip was removed, there was a likelihood he could hear Jenova again... If she was still alive.

The sanity he had when waking in Quinn's body was an odd one, then that other Turk, that dark skinned one was there just waiting for him. The need and thirst to destroy the planet was gone, instead he had felt remorse and guilt for the pain he had put Zack through.
Now he understood why he had not heard her. This chip had prevented him from hearing her. Jenova's eye long gone from Quinn's body when he took control. It had been discarded like nothing. Jenova had no means to contact this body anymore. He had been left alone and in peace to realize the truth of his actions and wallow in the pain he had caused those he cared about.


It was nightfall by the time Zack landed on the ground he had hoped to reach the northern crater before nightfall, but the change in wind direction pushing against his flight pattern slowed his travel down.

Landing in Icicle, Zack just wandered the area and he stopped seeing the door and windows shut as he walked past. He raised a curious brow and guessed Reeve or Rufus had told the media the public to stay away from him.
“Good call. Keep them safe.” Zack let out a breath.
The only thing it hindered him in was a place to stay for the night.
The breeze brushed his cheek in a familiar touch one he hadn't felt in years. His gaze looked up as if the touch urged him too.

It was then Zack stopped at the edge of the village and he blinked. The glowing green light of the lifestream, standing amongst it in humanoid form on the outskirt of town.
The back of a familiar pink dress, the pink ribbon. He watched the honey brown braid sway against her back.
Zack walked up to where her figure was manifesting.
He stopped behind her and he could smell on the wind the scent of flowers.
“I haven't seen you in a while.” He whispered. “Thought you abandoned me.”
She looked over her shoulder at him. That smile, it always warmed his heart.
You need to rest.” She stated.
He saw her smile it had a lair of concern underneath it. She always had trouble hiding her true concerns for him. He always saw through them.
“Aerith.” His hand moved to her shoulder.
Her hand moved over his. “Cissnei is worried about you. Please go back Zack, if you don't I'm afraid Cloud will-.” She stopped.
Zack raised a brow. “Cloud will what?” Zack pressed.
He's next Zack.” Aerith's voice sounded worried. “First thing tomorrow morning. He's going after Cloud.” She whispered. “If he keeps up this rate. Then the lifestream won't be able to adjust or take the souls of the departed in.” She turned round to look at him. “Return to Cloud Zack. He needs you.” Her hand moved to touch the side of his face. “You can't win this alone. You will need help. Cloud's help.

Zack frowned. This second Calamity was going after Cloud next. Zack should have figured. He would just get to the alien first that was it.
“He's at the northern crater now isn't he?” Zack asked.
She looked to the side he saw the frown. “Thought so.” He walked past.
If you go down this path you'll end up like Sephiroth!” She shouted after him. “That's what he wants!
“Yeah maybe but I'm different from Sephiroth. I won't let him consume me.”
Zack looked over his shoulder and he saw the figure manifesting behind Aerith.
He was thrown for six, at the sight.

Angeal was stalking up to him that long stride, that annoyed expression he always got when Zack had done something impulsive. Each step Angeal took with purpose in his stride and then Zack felt it. The hard slap over the back of the head.
Zack! Concentrate!
Zack rubbed the spot, he was sure he felt a bump forming.
“Owww... for a dead guy you hit pretty hard.”
Snap out of it!” Angeal sounded mad.
Zack was still rubbing the back of his head looking at Angeal blinking.
“Oh so NOW you show up. How many times have I asked for you to guide me and you choose now!” Zack growled. He could feel his eye twitching in annoyance.
“I always knew you were going to be fine. But this time. Even I can see you're falling apart.” Angeal placed his hands on Zack's shoulders. “Your wife if she had the strength would be here too, but her spirit needs to heal from the damage he caused.
Zack looked down instantly. “He damaged her spirit?” He couldn't believe it, that asshole had not only killed her in front of his eyes but he had damaged her soul.
Aerith walked up to him and Zack felt her arms wrap around him. “He infected her spirit, your parent's too.
It's like Geostigma for the dead. If he keeps this up on everyone he kills...” Angeal let out a breath.
Zack looked to Aerith his eyes widening. “It'll destroy the lifestream and in turn the entire planet.” Zack finished. “He really meant it didn't he? When he said it would be me and him for eternity if I didn't... give him my son.”
Cloud is next. Turn around you could still get to him in time.” Aerith urged him.
Zack shook his head. “I'll take him down tonight.” With that he shook Aerith's arms off him before he tore off to the sky.

Aerith let out a breath. She looked at Angeal.
He crossed his arms. “Guess I have no choice but to ask him to step in.”
Aerith bit her bottom lip. “Let him know I don't blame him,” she began. “I know it wasn't him, I know it was Jenova using his form.”
Angeal looked to where Zack took off and he sighed.
“I will if he doesn't think he's going crazy... again.”


Sephiroth moved to the spare room. He hadn't realized she had been one of those kind of fans. That read in to appearances together in the past as something more.
In those days there had been nothing but friendship between Zack and himself. But he was noticing it now. Round her apartment the photos of him, or Zack with him. Sephiroth never realized there were that many images out there of them together. It was mostly after missions they attended together where the 1st Class strength was needed after Angeal's death and Genesis's desertion from ShinRa.

The pictures didn't seem to offend him, but they were completely inaccurate. It wasn't until after he possessed his friends body, that he realized he had mentally broken Zack into a victim of Stockholm syndrome. Taken advantage of him in his mental breakdown.

Letting out a breath Sephiroth sat on the edge of the bed. His head falling into his hands. El was long gone to bed, thankfully. He could not tell the strange woman everything. In fact after her little outburst he had fallen silent. Fearful she would probably misunderstand the possession of Zack's body to mean something else. They had touched on the chip briefly and he knew now if it was removed he could return to his former easily influenced self. If it stayed, he would die and his redemption and his promise to Quinn would not reach full fruition.

Something bugging you old friend?
Sephiroth stopped, he looked up and he had not expected to see Angeal there leaning against the wall casually, still in that accursed uniform.
He blinked a couple of times before realizing, the lifestream had released Angeal from it's grasp to talk to him. It must have meant something bad was about to happen and he was required to continue down this weird path of attempted redemption.
“You know what.” Sephiroth let out a breath.
Guilt. You can help him you know. The way he's going he's going to be the next you. No one will be able to snap him out of it.
“Get Cloud to.”
That's going to be a bit hard when it involves Cloud getting hurt. You will know what he's going through, only you will be able to reach him.

Sephiroth frowned. “Why are you sticking your nose in this now?”
He's grieving badly Sephiroth.” Angeal stated. The concern in Zack's deceased mentor's voice was obvious. “His hometown was destroyed. His parent's and his wife killed, tomorrow if something doesn't change Cloud will die. Zack's son will be captured. That second coming... he will tear everything from Zack and force him to live through all of his past torments in a single moment. He'll go insane. One you was enough. He does not need to become like that.
Sephiroth let out a dry laugh. “What makes you think I can prevent it?”
I don't but I think you could reach him while he's in that state. You're the only one whose been through it and eventually returned to sanity.” Angeal spoke with certainty.
Sephiroth ran a hand through his hair. “I killed him.”
Because you were still insane.” Angeal pointed out.
Sephiroth shot his old friend a glare. “How do you know I'm not now?”
Six years and you've managed to hide from ShinRa and the WRO without detection, you could have just taken them down. Why hide?
Sephiroth looked to the side and let out a breath. “I owe this world redemption of some sort...”
That doesn't sound like a crazy man talking to me.
Sephiroth let out a breath. “Where is he?”
Heading towards the Northern Crater.” Angeal replied.
Sephiroth stood up he looked down at the clothes El had lent him. They weren't exactly combat ready. But he didn't have his old uniform available at that moment. El had take the coat and pants to be dry cleaned and she had hand cleaned the shoulder plates, which were sitting outside to dry over night.
“If I can't reach him.” Sephiroth began.
He reached for you, he kept trying, you owe him the same.” Angeal gave him that look. The one Sephiroth hated, the one that normally came before the pride and honor lecture. Sephiroth decided he had no choice but to go before he was forced to listen to it... again, from beyond the grave.


Cloud moved through Seventh heaven, he was up early making breakfast. He saw Angel sitting in the booth looking out the window up at the sky.
The kid was obsessed with the sky.
“Eggs okay?” Cloud asked.
The blonde glanced at the clock reading 4:15am. They had to be at WRO by six am.
“Scrambled, poached, fried... how do you have them?” Cloud asked.
Angel thought for a moment. “Mom used to do me scrambled she didn't like using oil for frying them. I've never had poached before.”
“Really you don't know what you're missing. I'll throw some cheese on top for you just in case plain is too bland.” Cloud smiled as he continued cooking.

It was early morning. He had got Angel up to take him to Reeve's hiding point early. He had no idea what woke him this morning.
He was still waking up himself.

When the food was cooked he brought over the poached eggs on toast with some cheese on top he placed it in front of Angel and set the mug of hot chocolate down for the boy.
He sat opposite him with his own breakfast.
“You're having cereal... why?”
“I need to leave enough eggs for Denzel to have breakfast.”
“He sleeps a lot.” Angel mused.
Cloud laughed. “He's at that age.”
“So he's not grumpy anymore?” The five year old asked.
“The teenage angst is over.” Cloud chuckled.

It had been a messy six years of Denzel complaining that he wanted to join the WRO but they weren't letting him become stronger to protect Marlene and everyone else.
Finally Tifa had cracked first. She taught him some moves that Zangan had taught her and then Cloud had been double teamed into teaching Denzel how to use a sword. Not that Cloud thought he would ever need to. But he realized Denzel had gone behind his back and sought out Zack in the holiday times to get training from. Zack had assumed Cloud had sent him and so became the beginning of trying to control that teenage anger.

Angel continued to ask Cloud all kinds of questions as they had their breakfast. Cloud looked up as he saw a half asleep Denzel descend the stairs.
The eighteen year old just moaned something incoherent before walking into the kitchen.
Angel looked at Cloud. “Will I get that big one day?”
Cloud nodded. “I'm sure of it.”

Denzel walked out of the kitchen and he then he felt it attach to his waist and he looked down before he shook his head.
“Morning!” The chirpy five year old commented.
“Uh yeah.” He looked to Cloud sitting there.
Cloud looked confused. “School isn't for another five hours.”
“Before school job.” Denzel let out a breath.
“So you got the job then. Congratulations.” Cloud smiled.
Denzel shrugged. “Just mail room stuff at WRO. It's a start.” He walked to the booth and sat down. Angel crawled over him to sit by the window and look out it.
“Do you think dad is there yet?” The dark haired kid asked.
Denzel looked at Cloud. He had been filled in briefly when he got home from Barrett and Marlene's, but they had all seen it on the news.
Cloud shrugged. “Probably, if he kept going all night. But I don't know where he was headed so who knows.”


Zack landed on the bottom of the Northern Crater. He landed in the middle of the crater before looking up and letting his wings retract.
He could feel that thing's essence everywhere. Like it was corrupting the very atmosphere of the place.
Zack felt the uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach he could feel the essence, but he could not sense the person behind the essence. That meant this thing had been hiding in this very crater not long after it impacted with Gaia.
“Hey get out here!” Zack shouted.
He was rewarded with just the echo of his voice.
Zack frowned it was silent. Too silent. That meant this thing wasn't here.
If he wasn't here... then that meant one thing.


Zack pulled out his phone and he hit the number 1 on his speed dial for Cloud's cellphone.
He heard it ringing and the phone was answered pretty quickly.
“Hey Zack, Cloud can't talk he's dropping me off to work and we're taking Angel to Reeve's hiding place.” Denzel's voice on the other end.
Zack let out a breath of relief. “Oh that's good. Tell Cloud he's not here. I must have missed him. He needs to becareful okay. This guy is dangerous.”
He heard Denzel swallow. “Um yeah sure... look Zack I'm sorry. I heard about... Cissnei. I want to help okay. I'll do what I can.”
Zack smiled. “Just keep my kids safe I'll be back as soon as I can.”
“Okay! Cloud says he will text you once we have Angel in the safe location.”
Zack nodded. “Thanks Denzel. I'll call later to check.”
“Right take care.” Denzel added.
Zack flipped the phone closed and he looked up, something he found he did a lot when he was thinking, like the sky held all the answers for him.

There was a figure perched on the edge of the crater. Zack blinked. That figure had not been there when he got here, so it was a recent arrival. He frowned who knew where he was going apart from Angeal and Aerith and it wasn't either of them.
Zack felt the wind whip about him, his bangs brushed his cheek and then he saw the long flowing silver hair the black wing move in the breeze. Even from this far away Zack knew those Mako green eyes were watching him.
His breath caught in his throat.
“Another dream...” He whispered.

It had to be.

Sephiroth was dead. He died, when he killed Zack, Sephiroth had died inside him. Zack was sure of it. So this had to be a dream.

The figure lept off the edge of the crater and landed in front of him. The long silver hair floated around him and Zack's breath caught. He was frozen in shock.

“Zack.” Sephiroth's smooth voice spoke.
“Sephiroth.” Zack replied and he felt the wind blow his hair over his shoulder. The bangs brushing his face.

The silence that fell between them was awkward, like that of two lovers meeting again after a long period of absence after a nasty break up.

“What do you think you're doing here?” Sephiroth asked.
“I think I should be asking you that...” Zack blinked still stunned by his presence.

Sephiroth smirked at Zack. He waited to see if the dark haired fighter would draw his sword. But he didn't so Sephiroth didn't bother to summon the masumune.

“Angeal sent me.” Sephiroth stated.
Zack's expression was so readable and the younger man pinched the bridge of his nose.
“I get it. So you're dead too and telling me to turn round go back.”
“I didn't die. Quinn took me and Jenova into his body. But he expelled Jenova and kept me inside.” Sephiroth stated.

“Quinn...” Zack swallowed. The brunette Turk actually did as he asked after all. “Are you... ya know?” he made a small circle motion next to his head with his finger to symbolize the crazy motion.
Sephiroth's brow quirked at him. “The chip I believe prevents me from doing anything of that sort.”
Zack nodded his head. “I don't believe you. You know that?”
“I know. I will eventually die again if it is not removed.”
“Who knows?” Zack asked. “You know, about the you not being dead thing?”
“Ezekiel only and now you.”
Zack looked up to the sky. “So what now?”
“That I don't know. Angeal made me believe you would go insane.”
Zack scoffed. “Yeah I'm not insane. I'm pissed off, but I'm not insane.”

~*~*~To Be Continued...~*~*~
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